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2015-16 CYOT Open Finals

The Choose Your Own Team Open League finishes the season on a high note - with finalist teams donating sufficient funds to purchase another in-ice logo to celebrate the club's 150th anniversary next season.


CYOT Open Season Finalists Announced

The Finalists in the Choose Your Own Open league's play-offs have been announced.


CYOT Open Play-Off Round Two Schedule Available

The second round of the Choose Your Own Team Open league's play-offs will commence on April 13 th, 2016. The schedule for the round is now online.


Previously Released CYOT Open Play-Off Rules Revised

The Choose Your Own Team Open league's play-off rules have had a minor revision. The new rules are available online.


CYOT Open 2015/16 Play-Off Schedule Now Available

The CYOT Open 2015/16 Play-Off Schedule has been determined and it is available here.


About Our Club

The Hamilton Victoria Club is the longest continuing sporting activity in the Hamilton Wentworth Area. We are even older than the world famous "AROUND THE BAY ROAD RACE".

The Vic finds its roots in The Hamilton Mechanics Curling Club, which was originally located at the corner of Main St. E. and Catherine St. starting in 1867.  The year 1880 saw the organization change its name to The Caledonian Curling Club.

In 1888, due to rapidly expanding membership, the Caledonia Club needed to purchase a new site at the corner of Victoria Ave. S. and Younge St.  The new site was big enough for both a curling rink and lawn bowling greens.  Upon moving into its new home in 1889, the Caledonia Club changed its name to reflect the new location becoming the Hamilton Victoria Curling Club.

Growth once again prompted a move so in 1905, The Vic moved to its present location, with space for lawn bowlers and a dedicated facility for 4 sheets of ice for curling.  1926 saw the installation of the first "artificial ice" making plant in the area.  Prior to the invention of artificial ice, mother nature determined when the curling season would start and end.

In 1963 the bowling green area was closed down, severed and sold due to waning interest.  The funds were used to finance assorted renovations.  Eventually, Dr. Elizabeth Bagshaw and Mr William Inrig Sr. opened the 9th End Lounge in 1975.

The Vic celebrated her 145th birthday in 2012 and the "GRAND OLD LADY" is still going strong.  A committee has been formed for our 150th Anniversary celebrations which will take place during the 2016/2017 season.  Consider joining us and help make the 150th the best anniversary ever, after all this Old Lady is still the friendliest face in town.


Over the years, the Hamilton Victoria Curling Club has had vital support from the Ontario Trillium Foundation and we would like to publicly thank the Ontario Trillium Foundation for their generosity.  Most recently a grant of $55,000 to enable us to replace the roof and doors on our facility.

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